Benjamin Rupprechter


Ben_smallBenjamin Rupprechter worked as Scientific Researcher at Collegium Helveticum and the Department of Music of ZHdK for the FSP-Interpretation. He implemented algorithms and graphical user interfaces to visualize experimental data, and supported the project Toward a Science of Music Performance with his technical expertise.

Being both Austrian and Swiss, it was only natural that Benjamin studied in Austria and Switzerland. He graduated from ETH Zurich, obtaining his M.Sc. in Computer Science. Benjamin also holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Previous to his graduate studies at ETH, Benjamin worked at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and MEI in Geneva.

Benjamin enjoys being a team member and interacting with people from the most diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. For this reason, Benjamin developed great interest in the field of management in technology where he sees his future field of work.

In addition to his resourceful tech ability, Benjamin likes reading, playing the guitar, and making friends. He has been involved in a number of international groups that further the integration and making connections process between and among expats and locals. Benjamin has also been involved in social work in Kenya as well as in summer youth camps, working as a mentor and organizing diverse free time activities for children.