Jannis Wernery



Jannis Wernery obtained his PhD at Collegium Helveticum, focusing his research on bistable perception of the Necker cube. Jannis also contributed to the project Toward a Science of Music Performance, having developed key software to statistically analyze music scores as well as routines that automatize data collection of anatomical measurements of the hands.

Jannis completed his Diploma in Physics at ETHZ. During his studies at ETHZ, the German-native spent an exchange year at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he also spent his summer as a research intern working on molecular spectroscopy and particle solutions for the solid-state physics group of Dr. Paul Clegg and Dr. Jason Crain. Jannis has also interned at the nanophysics group of Prof. Klaus Ensslin of ETHZ, researching on atomic force microscopy. Afterward, Jannis completed his Diploma thesis on quantum post at Prof. Mark Sherwin’s group at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Jannis is also interested in philosophy. In addition, he recently developed great interest in the investigation of mathematical cognition and the neurosciences. Consequently, Jannis started working with high-density Electroencephalography.

When Jannis is not busy researching human cognition, he is most likely playing his electrical guitar in some bar and singing the blues.