A new Software for melodic instruments and the voice


Intonation is of pivotal importance in music performance and it is a preponderantly learned skill that is dependent on cultural and individual predilections. Evidence shows that the neuronal substrate for intonation is most probably brain plasticity, which is the brain’s capacity to self-change its own functional and structural organization mostly by means of experience. The question, then, is how individual and different intonation models and preferences of melodic instrumentalists and singers can be learned reliably and in self-study fulfilling professional standards. More specifically: can diverging intonation models and preferences according to individual interpretation and predilections be learned by means of custom-made software?

The project is a collaboration between transArts and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), and is a part of the research domain (FSP) Musical Interpretation at the Department of Music, ZHdK.